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We are located at 143-04 Farmers Blvd. 

Springfield Gardens, NY 11434

Mission Statement
Kiddies World Daycare believes it takes a village to raise a child. We play a vital part as members of the village to our community of learners. We are a carefully selected community of caring, concerned and compassionate individuals who work to maximize your child’s emotional, social, and intellectual capacity. Each child in our village is treated as an individual.
We understand the importance of making sure each child in our village is taught the basics and enriched through the use of multiple modalities and medias. The children of today are different from those in the past. They have hypertext minds with cognitive structures that are parallel and not sequential like the children in the past. The twenty-first-century child has access to Instagram, cell phones, I-tunes and Facebook. We pride ourselves in our innovative programs that engage and excite children.
Our policies and practices reflect the ideas and values of the families and communities we serve. We respect the diversity of our families and their individual differences. Kiddies World Inc. provides the children in our village with quality, appropriate educational practices, and a fundamental foundation for successful academic and social experiences.

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143-04 Farmers Blvd.

Springfield Gardens, N.Y. 11434



At Kiddies World we envision that our children are able to become future leaders by being active participants in, and shapers of their world; to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally and globally through child-based and teacher facilitated learning.