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Kiddies World  Childcare Center encourages and supports each child to grow to his/her fullest potential in all areas of development, thus creating a positive self-concept. Staff work with children individually and in small and large groups, identifying their strengths while learning how to work together as a community.


Kiddies World Childcare Center is here to meet the needs of many. Most importantly, we will be dedicating our most intense efforts to meeting the needs of the very young people with whom we are privileged to share our days. It is our responsibility, to make the Center’s program as effective as possible.

We not only welcome but also truly value the family’s role in achieving our shared goals. Kiddies World childcare Center, extended family approach that is fostered by supporting the developmental needs of all children.

We foster children’s self-esteem, creative abilities, sense of belonging and success. Through  a play-based approach to learning.  We support families and partner with them to provide an environment that welcomes their collaboration and supports both cultural and family preferences.


At Kiddies World we envision that our children are able to become future leaders by being active participants in, and shapers of, their world; to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally and globally though child-based and teacher facilitated learning